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Philippines Beta

Great news for Filipinos! Order pasalubong with your 2cash wallet to treat your family and friends at home.

STEP 1. Select ORDER NOW on the product tile that you are interested in.

STEP 2. In the popup window, review the product details including the Remarks and Instructions then select ORDER NOW.

STEP 3. On the check out page, enter your 2cash Wallet username and password to confirm your order. Then on the secondary password page enter your order details in the Remarks and Instructions field along with your secondary password to complete your transaction.

NOTE: remember to have the balance of USD or PHP in your 2cash wallet account required to order your products.

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Delivery is within 7-10 business days on tangible products and within 24 hours on intangible products such as SMS loads and eVouchers.

If you decide you do not want the product after it has been received you can email help@2cash.io and request an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorisation). It will be at the discretion of 2cash if an RMA will be issued or not. Digital products (i.e. SMS eVouchers) are not exchangeable or refundable - refer to https://agree.2cash.io/disclaimer for details.

To request an RMA:
Contact us within 7 days upon receipt of the product by email to help@2cash.io.
If an RMA authorization is provided, do note that any refund issued does not include shipping and handling costs. Refunds are based on the purchase price of the product.
2cash will not pay any return shipping charges, all shipping charges will be the responsibility of the customer.

What payment methods do you accept?
All payments are processed through your 2cash wallet account. To create your account visit: www.2cash.io > Create Account

What if I changed my mind, can we still change the order?
Once an order is paid and is being processed, we can not change that order.

Do you offer a product warranty?
Product includes 30 days warranty

Do you charge sales tax?
Price is inclusive of taxes

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